His personal gift, his family background, his father’s, his grandfather’s and even his grandgrandfather’s , which were knives craftsmen themselves, knowledges made of Piero Fogarizzu a craftsman and knife master which perfection pursuit grows day by day.

Piero e Paola



coltello pattadese

In his workshop in Pattada, Piero Fogarizzu and his wife Paola produce and show their knifes and their stylistic ability with which they enrich their theca and those of whom will to bring home their collection master pieces.




Day by day, they will to give a future to the old knife craftsman profession, try to protect the traditional manual skills that make “ sa resolza” unique and inimitable, although trying not to limit the talent and the esthetic value with which he gives birth to an object, that is the achievement of an ancient community background, but above all the expression and the creative talent of the inventor