Welcome in the website of "Master" Knifemaker Piero Fogarizzu


The fire and the steel. From these elements the blade of the knife is born the “knife makers master”, have learned to govern them, know how to weld metal together using forge, hammer and anvil, they guard the secrets to a perfect tempering. It is difficult to learn the art of the knife maker, studying it on the books, it is necessary to practice it for years and years under the careful guide of a “teacher”, needs to know how to observe, to imagine, to develop the ability of 'to feel' the metal between the anvil and the hammer..

Through this new website Piero Fogarizzu, shows the result of an experience of over 30 years in the creation and improvement of various kinds of handmade knives which are also the result of more than secular tradition (besides him his father Salvatore, his grandfather and great-grandfather were appreciated knife makers)

corporazione italiana coltellinai

In his workshop in Pattada, Piero and his wife Paola create and expose rare masterpieces that enrich their theca and those of whom want to bring home one of their wonderful knives.

coltello pattadese

Creations of classical models of the "resolza pattadese", both of new linear and simple but fascinating models for their simplicity and harmony of the shapes. The compromise between new models and materials, and traditional ones, the recognized professional skill ability and creativity as a knife maker, and most importantly, the skill in very refined work techniques such as the processing of "Damascus”and “Mokume-gane", have carried to amazing results.


" Ours are unique pieces made after a selection of the best materials available. We try to put together our creativity and our customers’ requests always keeping the same range of quality. Anyhow, the base to made a good “resolza” is always the same: the selection of materials and the quality of manufacture.


The history of “ resolza Pattadese” is due to two brothers’ invention that, starting with goat or ram horn fixed handle knives, let one of the Italian best knife take place, the “pattadese a serramanico” (pattadese jack-knife). The revolutionary insight consisted of a metallic ring between the blade and the handle and the consequent division of it into two pieces and the use of a narrower blade called “a foglia di mirto” ( mirto leaf shape)”.